Self-Managed Superannuation Funds Cairns: Get Advice & Solutions

Retirement is a significant transition that requires plenty of forethought and planning to enable you to continue to live the way you want to well into the future.

While many are content to continue with their existing superannuation arrangements, for those who want more control over their retirement savings and superannuation investment decisions, a self-managed super fund (SMSF) can give you exactly that.

A SMSF provides you complete control to develop a tailored investment strategy designed to maximise your superannuation benefits, whether that includes shares, property, cash and term deposits, managed funds, instalment warrants, commodities or a range of other investment options.

Our Self-Managed Superannuation Funds Cairns Services

We provide the following services for self-managed superannuation funds in Cairns:

When establishing your SMSF, we can advise on the most appropriate trustee structure based on your individual circumstances and provide support to help you meet your SMSF administrative obligations.

Find Out if a SMSF is Right for You

Establishing a SMSF is an excellent choice if you want greater control and flexibility about how your superannuation funds are managed, however they’re not for everyone.

While you will assume control over your superannuation investment decisions, you’ll need to regularly review your investment strategy and will also be responsible for meeting the reporting, administrative and compliance requirements associated with a SMSF.

Gain More Control Over Your Financial Future

As a locally-based team of experienced superannuation and taxation professionals, we can help you decide if a SMSF is suitable for your individual circumstances, and if it is, help you establish your fund to get started.

Contact our friendly team of accounting professionals at Drescher Accounting to arrange an appointment to discuss your superannuation and retirement planning options.

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